[Yugioh!]Structure Deck R: a�?Surge of Divine Radiancea�? – ChA�nh tha��c ra ma??t!

Structure Deck R: a�?Surge of Divine Radiancea�? – Sa��c ma??nh hA�o quang tha?�n thA?nh ca��a Fairy-Type A�A? tra�Y la??i ma??nh ma?? trong sa??n pha?�m ma��i nha??t SR05 ra ma??t 23 thA?ng 9 nA?m 2017!

Sa??n pha?�m nA�y lA� 1 deck A�?�a�?c xa??p sa?�n ta?�p trung xoay quanh chia??n thua?�t ngA?n ca??n la��i ch??i ca��a A�a��i tha�� ba?�ng nha�?ng combo ma??nh ma?? gia�?a nha�?ng quA?i thA? ha�� Fairy vA� nha�?ng lA? Counter Trap!

Sau A�A?y chA?ng ta sa?? tA�m hia�?u cA?ch va?�n hA�nh deck cA�ng nh?� nha�?ng card ma��i A�?�a�?c gia��i thia��u trong A�A?y:

Da��ch: GiA�nh la??y chia??n tha??ng ba?�ng chia??n thua?�t ta?�p trung vA�o cA?c lA? Counter Trap.

  • Chia??n thua?�t chA�nh ca��a deck ta?�p trung vA�o nha�?ng quA?i thA? sa?? ma??nh lA?n vA� na??m la??y la�?i tha?? ta�� via��c kA�ch hoa??t cA?c lA? Counter Trap, ma��t tha�� vA� khA� ra??t la�?i ha??i A�a�? gA?y ca??n tra�Y cA?c n?�a��c A�i ca��a A�a��i ph?�??ng. Cha�� bA�i ca��a deck -A�Angel Paladin Arch-ParshathA�- ma��t quA?i thA? Fairy level 9 cA? tha�? ta�� tria��u ha��i A�a?�c bia��t ba??n thA?n hoa?�c thA?ng qua cA?c lA? nh?� lA�A�Valhalla, Hall of the FallenA�vA� Athena. Ba?�ng cA?ch ta?�p ha�?p cA?c Fairy level cao trA?n sA?n, ba??n sa?? cA? tha�? A�ia�?u khia�?n nha��p A�a�� tra?�n A�a??u va��i sa�� ha�� tra�? ta�� cA?c Counter Trap cA�ng nh?� nha�?ng Hand-trapA�a�?Heralda�?, cho phA�p ba??n kha??c lA?n con A�?�a�?ng A?nh sA?ngA�da?�n A�a??n chia??n tha??ng.
  • Sanctuary of Parshath: Bia??n thA�nhA�a�?Sanctuary in the Skya�? khi a�Y trA?n field, Angel Sage Minerva sa?? cA? tha�? kA�ch hoa??t effect tA?i cha?? Counter Trap ca��c ma??nh ca��a mA�nh. NA? cA?n gia tA?ng sa��c ma??nh c?? ba??p cho cA?c Fairy level cao vA� A�a?�tA�topA�nha�?ng lA? Counter Trap nh?�A�Reincarnating Parshath ta�� GY.
  • Counter Trap vA� quA?i thA? “Heralda�? – sa?? giA?p kA�ch hoa??t kha?? nA?ng ca��a a�?Angel Sage Minervaa�? vA� Power Angel Valkyria.
  • “Power Angel Valkyria” la??y nha�?ng a�?Heraldsa�? and EBE ta�� ba�� bA�i lA?n tay. EBE thA� la??i la??y a�?Heraldsa�? ta�� deck.
  • Nha�?ng lA? bA�i vA� kha?? nA?ng negate activation ca��a Monster Effect, Spell vA� Trap Card:A�Counter Traps nh?� a�?Reincarnating Parshatha�?; quA?i thA? “Herald”A�- Herald of Orange Light, Herald of Green Light vA� Herald of Purple Light
  • a�?Angel Paladin Arch-Parshatha�? cA? tha�? A�?�a�?c tria��u ha��i thA?ng qua a�?Reincarnating Parshatha�? vA� chA�nhA�a�?Reincarnating Parshatha�? cA�ng giA?pA�a�?Angel Paladin Arch-Parshatha�? kA�ch hoa??t kha?? nA?ng ta�� tria��u ha��i ba??n thA?n.
  • Tria��u cA?c Fairy level cao, nh?� lA� a�?Splendid Venusa�?, a�?Athenaa�? and a�?Angel Paladin Arch-Parshatha�? thA?ng qua “Valhalla, Hall of the Fallena�? – Tria��u ha��i A�a?�c bia��t ta�� tay.

QuA?i thA? cha�� la��c ma��i xua??t hia��n!!A�

Level 9 a�?Angel Paladin Arch-Parshatha�? sa�Y ha�?u 2800 ATK and 2300 DEF! HA?y ta?�p trung vA�o 3 kha?? nA?ng A�a?�c bia��t ca��a nA?! 1 Kha?? nA?ng ma??nh cA? tha�? ta�� tria��u ha��i A�a?�c bia��t ba??n thA?n ta�� tay/ma��. CA?ng va��i kha?? nA?ng gA?y Piercing Battle Damage vA� khi nA? gA?y thia��t ha??i qua chia??n A�a??u: la??y 1 lA? cA? tA?n “Parshath” hoa?�c 1 lA? Counter Trap ba??t ka�? ta�� deck lA?n tay!!!

Angel Paladin Arch-Parshath
[ATK 2800/DEF 2300]
(1): If you activate a Counter Trap Card, OR if you negate the activation of a Spell/Trap Card, or monster effect, while this card is in your hand or GY (except during the Damage Step): You can banish 2 other Fairy monsters from your hand, field, and/or GY; Special Summon this card.
(2): If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage.
(3): When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent: You can add 1 a�?Parshatha�? card or 1 Counter Trap from your Deck to your hand.

Nha�?ng quA?i thA? ma��i ha�� tra�? ta��t cho Deck Fairy-Counter!
HA?y A�a??n va��i nha�?ng quA?i thA? Fairy ma��i sa�Y ha�?u nha�?ng kha?? nA?ng A�a?�c bia��t ca��c ma??nh cho phA�p la??y cA?c Fairy vA� Counter Trap lA?n tay! Ba?�ng cA?ch ta?�p ha�?p A�?�a�?c chA?ng lA?n tay, ba??n sa?? cA? tha�? lA�m giA?n A�oa??n cA?ch ch??i ca��a A�a��i tha��, ta�� A�A? sa�� da�?ng cA?c Fairy vA� giA�nh la??y chia??n tha??ng!

Gia�? ma��t ngua��n tA�i nguyA?n Counter Trap ba?�ng chA�nh via��c kA�ch hoa??t chA?ng!

Angel Sage Minerva
[ATK 1700/DEF 400]
(1): Each time a Counter Trap Card is activated, this card gains 500 ATK immediately after it resolves, also, if a�?The Sanctuary in the Skya�? is on the field, add 1 Counter Trap with a different name from that activated card from your GY to your hand.
[a�� Kha?? nA?ng tA?ng ATK ta��n ta??i mA?i mA?i khi nA? cA?n face-up trA?n field, nA?n Minerva cA? tha�? sa�? ha�?u l?�a�?ng ATK ca��c cao! VA� nA? cA?n cA? kha?? nA?ng ca��c ma??nh giA?p la??y la??i Counter Trap ta�� ma�� lA?n tay na??u cA? a�?Sanctuary in the Skya�? hoa?�c a�?Sanctuary of Parshatha�? trA?n sA?n! ]

NgA?n ca??n A�a��i tha�� vA� ha��i la??i card trA?n tay!

Power Angel Valkyria
[ATK 1800/DEF 1050]
You can only use this effect of a�?Power Angel Valkyriaa�? once per turn.
(1): If you negate the activation of a Spell/Trap Card, or monster effect: Add 1 LIGHT Fairy monster from your Deck to your hand.
[a�� Sa�Y ha�?u kha?? nA?ng khA? ma??nh khi cho phA�t la??y 1 LIGHT Fairy ba??t ka�? ta�� deck leent tay! Kha?? nA?ng nA�y kA�ch hoa??t khA?ng cha�� khi kA�ch hoa??t Counter Trap mA� ca?? khi ba??n dA?ng ba??t kA� cA?ch nA�o negate activation ca��aA�Spell/Trap hay monster effect ! VA� A�a?�t bia��t lA� khA?ng cA? gia��i ha??n nA�o va�? level cho cA?c Fairy A�?�a�?c la??y lA?n: A�A? tha�? lA� cA?c Herald level tha??p A�a�? negate, cA�ng cA? tha�? lA� Fairy boss level cao! ]

La??y 2 Fairy khA?c lA?n tay, sa?�n sA�ng kha??c cha?? n?�a��c A�i ca��a A�a��i ph?�??ng, vA� chua?�n ba�� ta??n cA?ng!

[ATK 500/DEF 200]
You can only use this effect of a�?EBEa�? once per turn.
(1) If this card is sent to the GY: You can banish up to 2 other LIGHT Fairy monsters from your field and/or GY; add from your Deck to your hand, Level 2 or lower LIGHT Fairy monsters with different names, except a�?EBEa�?, equal to the number of monsters banished this way.
[a�� Ba??n cA? la??y ta��i A�a 2 Level 2 hoa?�c tha??p h??n LIGHT Fairy va��i tA?n khA?c nhau ta�� deck lA?n hand ! Nha�?ng card nh?� “Herald of Orange Lighta�? ba??n sa?? mua��n cA? trA?n tay A�a�? negate card ca��a A�a��i ph?�??ng cA�ng nh?� ka??t ha�?p ta��t va��i a�?Power Angel Valkyriaa�?!]

Spell & Trap Cards nha?�m nA?ng ca??p chia??n thua?�t Counter-Fairy cA�ng xua??t hia��n!

1 lA� Continuos Spell vA� 1 lA? Counter Trap ma��i xua??t hia��n vA� A�em A�a??n sa�� nA?ng ca??p A�A?ng ka�? cho chia??n thua?�t xoay quay Fairy vA� Counter Trap.

Ba??o kA? nha�?ng Spell/Trap ca��a ba??n, nh?�ng A�a��ng tha�?i gia tA?ng sa��c ma??nh cho cA?c Fairy! VA� A�a�? ha�� tra�? cho cA?c combo A�a da??ng, nA? cA? tha�? A�?�a�?c tA�nh lA� a�?Sanctuary in the Skya�?!

Sanctuary of Parshath
[Continuous Spell]
(1): This carda��s name becomes a�?The Sanctuary in the Skya�? while on the field or in the GY.
(2): All Fairy monsters on the field gain 300 ATK/DEF. Set Spells/Traps on the field cannot be destroyed by card effects, also neither player can target them with card effects.
(3): Once per turn: You can target 3 Fairy monsters and/or Counter Traps in your GY with different names; place them on top of your Deck in any order.
[a�� CA? tha�? A�?�a�?c search thA?ng qua kha?? nA?ng ca��a a�?Angel Paladin Arch-Parshatha�?! ]

Counter Trap ca��c ma??nh cA? tha�? negate Activation ca��a Monster Effects, Spells, And Trap Cards, A�a��ng tha�?i tria��u ha��i a�?Parshatha�? Monsters!

Reincarnating Parshath
[Counter Trap]
(1): When a Spell/Trap Card, or monster effect, is activated: Reveal 1 Counter Trap in your hand, discard 1 card, and pay 1000 LP; negate the activation, and if you do, shuffle that card into the Deck, then you can Special Summon 1 a�?Parshatha�? monster from your Deck or Extra Deck.
[a�� Ta?�p ha�?p A�a�� cA?c ma??nh ghA�p trA?n tay, ba??n sa?? ta?�n da�?ng ta��t cA?c A�ia�?m ma??nh ca��a lA? nA�y vA� tria��u ha��i A�?�a�?c quA?i thA? ca?�n thia??t! LA? bA�i nA�y cA? kha?? nA?ng ga�?i tha??ng ta�� deck a�?Angel Paladin Arch-Parshatha�?, sa�Y ha�?u kha?? nA?ng cA? tha�? add la??i chA�nh Reincarnating Parshath ta�� ma�� A�a�? sa�� da�?ng la??i la?�n na�?a! ]

A?a��ng ba�? qua nha�?ng lA? bA�i ma??nh A�?�a�?c in la??i trong SR05 nA�y!

Ta??t nhiA?n chA?ng bao ga��m cha�� ya??u lA� Fairy vA� Counter Trap, nh?�ng va?�n cA? nha�?ng lA? bA�i ma??nh A�A?ng A�?�a�?c quan tA?m A�A? A�?�a�?c sa�� da�?ng ra��ng rA?i trong quA? kha�� vA� va?�n tia??p ta�?c A�?�a�?c sa�� da�?ng! NgoA�i ra cA?n cA? nha�?ng card cA? kha?? nA?ng ra??t ma??nh trong hA�ng ngA� “meta” nh?� a�?Ties of the Brethrena�? hay “Archlord Kristya“!

A?nh sA?ng tha?�n thA?nhA�bao trA?m lA?n thA?nh A�?�a�?ng ca��a A?nh sA?nga�� a�� Tha��c ta��nh A�i, Hia��p sA� thiA?n tha?�n – Angel Paladin.

Deck list tham kha??o:


Angel Paladin Arch-Parshath x1
Angel Sage Minerva x1
Guiding Ariadne x3
Power Angel Valkyria x1
Bountiful Artemis x3
Honest x3

Ties of the Brethren x3
Card of Demise x2
Pot of Duality x2
Sanctuary of Parshath x3

Drastic Drop Off x2
Ultimate Providence x3
Solemn Strike x2
Solemn Judgment x1
Reincarnating Parshath x3
Divine Wrath x3
Divine Punishment x3
Solemn Warning x1

Avenging Knight Parshathx1
Fairy Cheer Girlx1

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